Build quality and comfort

The build quality of Livall is good for the price class, though not exceptional.The product is light weight, and the soft rubberized neckband sits comfortably on the neck without any skin vexation indeed after extended use. The headphones have an open ear design, means they just sit on your ears and nothing goes in like conventional headphones. It is claimed that it doesn’t damage your hearing like typical earbuds even after prolonged use. Speaking of exercises, these earphones are IP 64 rated dust, humidity resistant, and can fluently repel further than a many drops of sweat or a bit of a mizzle.

Setup and wireless range

Pairing this Livall LTS21 with your smartphone is a simple and standard process. These headphones come with Bluetooth 5.2 for fast and easy connectivity. All you need to do is keep the multifunction key pressed for many seconds to get it into pairing mode, check the headphone in the list of available bluetooth devices and pair them..Wireless range is as good as it gets with the pair of headphones retaining a strong connection up to 10 meters without any inhibition in between the source device and the neckband, and about half of that with a concrete wall in between. These figures are very respectable.

Sound quality

The sound affair of this wireless headphone is noticeably different from others. It comes with directional sound transmission technology which means it transmits sound directly in your ears and not around them. These earphones are sufficiently loud and the sound is crisp. The highs are nicely sharp without sounding sibilant, and the bass is also good, making the overall hearing experience so much better. 

Call Quality & Battery life

Call quality on this pair is exceptional with both parties impeccably audible to each other. Indeed when outside, it suppresses the utmost of the ambient noise with veritably little percolating through, but not enough to negatively impact the discussion. Battery backup of the Livall LTS21  is one of its crucial selling points, and it doesn't fail. The headphones can easily last 50+ hours on full charge. The headphones are charged using USB-C and it is fairly quick to get the bar full. 

Final words

Livall LTS21 headphones offer a lot in a compact package with a radical new design. Sound quality is great with 16.2 mm large speakers, and features like 60 hours battery life, ENC, Bluetooth 5.2, IP64 make it a good overall package.

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