Xiaomi Viomi Smart Kettle V-SK152B (Brand New)

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  • Temperature Monitor, Digital Indicator
    High-definition OLED display to control the water temperature and other data on water heating
  • Intelligent Water Temperature Control
    Through the phone or the panel to set appropriate heat preservation temperature, preservation modes and duration.
  • 1800W Power
    The heating ring of the bottom can fully and evenly heated water from bottom to top and rapidly heating.
  • 3 Protections
    1. Shut off automatically when it is fully boiling.
    2. Dry burn protection power off.
    3. Power connector effectively prevent electric shock, leakage.
  • A Healthy Life
    304 stainless steel material, high temperature boiling will not produce harmful substances, away from scale, odor.
  • The default function
    The electric kettle presets four kinds of milk power, baby rice power, tea and offee.

Condition     :   Brand New

Warranty      :   1 Year 

SKU CODE   :   EL 00261


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