Xiaomi HIMO Electric Bike Z20

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EL 00235

The Himo Electric Bike Z20 folds in three places and only takes about 10 seconds to fold and unfold. This bike is optimally designed for both electric and manual cycling. The Himo Z20 features an LED flashlight for night driving along with safety light under the seat for the rear side. On the handlebar, you will get brake levers, an HD display, gear shifters, a bell, and a smartphone holder. The bottom side has 20” wheels with a dual-disc braking system. The 21.6kg-weighed bike has the strength to bear up to 100kg of weight. Further, it is an IPX7-certified vehicle and you can enjoy riding in the rain despite being an electric bike. It has a 25kmh top speed and is equipped with a Shimano 6-speed Transmission System for fast and reliable gear adjustment.


Size                                                   1470 x (long) x 610 (wide) x 1095 (height)
Top speed                                         25km/h
Power range                                     ≥ 60km
Battery range                                   ≈ 40km
Electric energy consumption          0.56kw.h/100km
Load weight                                     ≈ 100kg
Battery type                                      Li-ion
Capacity                                         10AH
Under-voltage protection                 36V
Over current protection                 12A
Weight                                             21.6kg


Condition    :   Brand New

SKU CODE  :  EL 00235

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