X Car Link Toyota Interface USB/AUX/BT small plug

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TOYOTA SMALL (2X6) USB / SD / AUX INTERFACE XCARLINK is the 'USB / SD / AUX and iPod / Aux famous for its excellent sound quality and for easy installation original equipment radios.


• You will be able to select folders like CD, files as tracks, select Repeat or Random mode etc. ...

• Also, if your car is equipped with radio controls on the steering wheel you can use them to access the functionality described above. 

• All this with the utmost discretion: no wires around the car! Xcarlink connects directly to the CD changer port on the back of your car stereo and can be hidden in one of the storage compartments. 

• No FM broadcast audio: direct connection assures the highest quality audio and excludes any interference due to an internal circuit filter. 

• The latest version of XCARLINK is also equipped with BT port / AUX IN which allows the connection of the Bluetooth module that allows you to talk hands-free with your phone through the car's audio system.

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