Toshiba MP-08H53Us65281 Laptop Keyboard With Green Cell Translates (Brand New)

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Green Cell® is a renowned brand of products of high level Able to satisfy even the most demanding users. Green Cell excels in providing Spare Parts For Mobile Devices Such As laptops and mobile phones. Thanks to a combination of high quality materials and modern technology, this unprecedented Brand of keyboards and batteries was for years, as shown by independent tests.
The original Green Cell. ® Keyboard is 100% compatible with the Toshiba mp-08h53us65281


  • Style:              Standard, Ergonomics, Multimedia
  • Type:               Wired
  • Interface Type: AT, PS/2
  • Application:     Laptop
  • Brand Name:   For Toshiba
  • Place Of Origin: Jiangsu, China
  • Version:             English

Product : Toshiba MP-08H53Us65281 Laptop Keyboard 

Condition : Brand New

SKU CODE : CT 00289

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