SilverFern Barrel CH05-152 Multimedia Speaker ( Brand New )




Silverfern Tech Barrel Portable Outdoor Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Speaker w/ microSD Card slot Blast out those personal favourites anytime, anyplace, any weather with one of these spectacularly snazzy Barrel 10-inch Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Speakers. They really are cooler than the top shelf of fridge. This stand-alone speaker doesn’t need anything to tie it down. It’s perfectly portable meaning you can boogie at the beach, lounge at the lake or flash mob your family down on the farm! What’s more they’re cheap-as to run! The Silverfern Tech Barrel Bluetooth speaker comes with a built in rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery which provides 8 hours of continuous music so there's no need to buy replacement batteries. “But how does my music get from my device to this uber funky beat-belting unit?” I hear you cry…. The simple answer is Bluetooth. Scan, pick-up, connect and BOOM! The speakers can run for 8 hours on full charge at full volume, so you’ll be sure not to run out of juice whilst you’re impressing all and sundry with your awesome robot dance or One Direction rendition. You can also plug in any USB, microSD card or 3.5mm audio source to play your favourite tracks. Fill spare time with chur time! Why not buy yourself (or a loved one) a Silverfern Tech Barrel 10-inch Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Speaker? At this price they’re not just a deal, they’re a steal! Specifications: Measurements: 13cm (Diameter), 25.6cm (Length), Input: DC 5V=1A Power Output: 5W + 2.5W x 2 Drivers: 2” Full Range x 2 + 4” Woofer Distortion: 0.5% at 1W Frequency: 80Hz~20Khz S/N: > 70Db Separation: 40dB (1Khz) Battery Capacity: 1000mAh Up to 8hrs of battery life on full volume Package Contents: Silverfern Tech Barrel Outdoor Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Speaker ET-S15 Black 3.5mm auxiliary cord Mini USB cable Carry strap Product Requirements: Bluetooth Enabled Audio Source microSD card with music files or 3.5mm 


Technical Specification

  • 10i inch Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Speaker .Power Output: 5W + 2.5W x 2 .
  • Drivers: 2” Full Range x 2 + 4” Woofer
  • Battery Capacity: 1000mAh (8 hours on full charge)
  • Wireless Bluetooth Speaker •3.5mm Auxiliary Cable/Mini USB Cable .· Carry Strap

What,s in the box?

  • New SilverFern Barrel CH05-152 Multimedia Speaker
  • Charging cable
  • Manual 
  • 1 year warranty

Product     : SilverFern Barrel CH05-152 Multimedia Speaker
Condition : Brand New 
Warranty : 1 Year 
Sku Code : AU 00196

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