Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Tempered Glass

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Tempered Glass

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MBA 01504

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Tempered Glass

Overview : 

Perfect to work with touch screen technology Premium Quality Anti-Static and Anti-Friction UV Protection and against abrasion Non-corrosive Adhesive Perfect fit and leaves no residue when removed This is made to protect the LCD from damage and scratches with specially processed glass that has been reinforced to increase shock absorbency. Surface hardness : 9H Delicate Touch : Coated on the back with a strong silicon adhesive that makes installation easy and attaches the film firmly so as to not affect the touch screen's sensitivity.

Toughened glass has high transparency and the colour never changes but it is breakable if not handled properly. Premium tempered glass is shatter-proof meaning it won't splinter into sharp fragments, making it safer than regular glass. To top it all off, this screen protector has an oleo phobic coating that makes it resistant to fingerprints Caution: product must be installed in a dust-free environment; applying excessive force during installation or removal may damage the Tempered Glass.

Item Specification :

ltra 99% Transparent, 99% Accurate Touch Screen: Delicate Touch, Sensitive Response.

"QUALITY OF IMPOSSIBLE GLASS" Anti-Dust, Precise Cutout, Finger Print Proof, Bubble-Free, Durable, Light Wieght, Scratch Resistant, Impossible, Anti Glare Film

The Bubble-Free Application" Makes Roxel Impossiable Guards An Ultimate Solution For Making Your Device Screen Brilliant And Scratch-Free And Smooth And Polished Glass.

Product : Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Tempered Glass

Condition : New

Sku Code : MBA 01504


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