Nillkin Samsung Galaxy S9 3D CP+Max

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Nillkin Samsung Galaxy S9 3D CP+Max Tempered Glass

The Nillkin 3D CP+ MAX Full coverage anti-explosion tempered glass screen protector was made by an imported German high precision CNC numerical control machine, using a fine milling process and curved technology with accuracy up to 0.1 millimeters.

This protective glass was made with 3D heat bending technology which allows for complete and efficient bonding with your device screen.

The combination of a dozen procedures, which include CNC precision cutting, carved edging, heat bending, tempering, screen printing, lasers and rubberizing, results in a curved surface that bonds completely with the screen of your device. It is resistant to fingerprints and oil stains as well as acid and alkali Burns.


  • Tough glass material It has a 9h hard surface, which is scratch-resistant and reinforced with a film that remains unchanged despite ruptures.
  • Clarity The protective glass allows for light transmission up to 99.9% which keeps the screen clarity intact.
  • Full Protection The Nillkin 3D CP+ MAX Full coverage anti-explosion tempered glass screen protector protects your mobile device from explosions, as well as the impact from bumps, drops, and scratches.
  • Anti Glare It has an anti-glare feature with support for HD display and really sensitive touch functions.

Product : Nillkin Samsung Galaxy S9 3D CP+Tempered Glass 

SKU CODE : MBA 01180

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