Nillkin Samsung Galaxy S7 H+ Pro Series

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MBA 01177


Made from high-grade Japanese AGC glass materials using HARVES nanotechnology, the Nillkin Amazing H+ Pro tempered glass screen protector has excellent protective qualities. You can rest assured with the maximum protection provided by Nillkin H+pro tempered glass screen protector. It offers maximum protection for your smartphone screen. It is made from a 9H hardness tempered glass material which is resistant to scratches, forceful impact and explosions.


Strength and clarity

This protector compromises nothing, as in addition to high strength glass protection with up to 9H hardness, it also has a high light-transmitting property which allows for maximum clarity when using your mobile device. The color, depth, definition, and clarity of all pictures, images, and videos on your smartphone screen will remain the same after installing this protector.

Surface coating

The surface has an oleophobic oil coating which prevents fingerprint and oil stains as well as scratches. It also has a UV filter.

Thin glass, reliable protection

All these features are packed into a compact screen protector with only 0.2-millimeter thickness.


The protector fits your smartphone perfectly thanks to the precision offered by the CNC cutting technology and 2.5D edge that ensures safe installation without risk of injury.


It also features an environmentally friendly silicone coating which enables the product to be reused after cleaning.

    Product     :  Nillkin Samsung Galaxy S7 H+ Pro Series Tempered Glass

    SKU CODE :  MBA 01177

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