Nillkin iPhone XR Textured Case (5468548923553)

Nillkin iPhone XR Textured Case

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Nillkin iPhone XR Textured Case

The NILLKIN Textured Case is made from a refined nylon fiber material that is tough and durable. The phone case is made with excellent craftsmanship for the best possible quality. NILLKIN Textured Case is made from environmentally friendly PC and TPU materials, a perfect combination of hardness and softness. It feels great to the touch and provides a comfortable anti-slip grip. The NILLKIN Textured Case is lightweight and ultrathin. It is also resistant to stains from fingerprints, oil, and sweat. With the nonslip bars on both sides of the case, the risk of dropping your phone is greatly reduced.


  • TEXTURED DESIGN: The textured design feels good in your hand and prevents slips while offering great visual appeal.
  • A PERFECT COMBINATION OF SOFTNESS AND HARDNESS: The combination of hard PC materials and a soft TPU material provides all-round protection while allowing the case to be easily put on or taken off.
  • HIGH TECH: Made by advanced weaving technology, the 3D texture offers high-grade functionality and stylish visuals.
  • EXQUISITE CRAFTSMANSHIP: Made by using advanced thermoforming technology to seamlessly fuse both high-quality materials.
  • DURABLE MATERIALS: The NILLKIN Textured Case is highly durable due to the high-quality materials. It is scratch-resistant and does not retain fingerprint smudges, oil or sweat stains.

 Product :Nillkin iPhone XR Textured Case

SKU CODE : MBA 01309

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