Nillkin iPhone XR Englon Case (5468486303905)

Nillkin iPhone XR Englon case

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MBA 01367



Nillkin iPhone XR Englon Case

Nillkin Englon Leather Cover case features an elegant British retro fashion combined with modern style for a formal and mature look. Nillkin Englon is graceful and has a polished gentleman’s feel to it. The classic design comes from a combination of exquisite handcrafted and modern techniques. This elegant phone case is a seamless combination of three high-level materials, providing all-round protection for your phone.



Handcrafted techniques integrated with advanced machine craftsmanship for extraordinary quality and impeccable visual appeal.


Microfiber lining with matching color has soft light film materials that combine harmoniously with the leather.


Accurate hollowed-out frames of the camera and logo are incorporated with brilliant electroplated metal.

    PRODUCT : Nillkin iPhone XR Englon Case

    SKU CODE : MBA 01367

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