Nillkin Galaxy S8 Nature TPU Case

Nillkin Galaxy S8 Nature TPU Case

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Nillkin Galaxy S8 Nature TPU Case White

Overview :

Made by an injection molding process from environmentally friendly non-toxic TPU materials, the Nillkin Nature case has a silky smooth and ultra-thin feel. The case has a translucent and glittering nature with a frosted texture on the side that prevents slipping. Complete with a transparent frosted logo, the design reflects the taste of the user. The fame and environmentally-friendly texture help retain the original style of the smartphone.

Item Specification :

  • Transparent, thin and soft

           Almost complete transparency coupled with light and thin materials fits well                 around the phone retaining the original beauty of the device while offering                   all-round protection.

  • Unique design

           The frosted covering of the volume keys prevents scratches and offers                            integrated dust plug experience.

  • Anti-slip protection

           The presence of anti-skid strips on both sides increases the friction and                          provides a comfortable and secure grip.

  • Precision cutouts

          Ports, sensors and cameras are accurately cut out ensuring that the device does            not need to be removed from the case in order to operate.

  • Easy fit

          The soft texture of the case makes it easy to put on and remove

  • Flexibility and reliable protection

          The case offers all-round protection while fitting snugly around the smartphone            preventing scratches and damage from bumps.


Product : Nillkin Galaxy S8 Nature TPU Case White

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