Multifunctional Adjustable, Portable Laptop Table YB008

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HE 00438


Multi-functional adjustable laptop table is a compactly designed product that can be used for several purposes. It has an aluminum panel and aluminum alloy stents along with joints made of ABS. It has zig zag shaped legs allowing you to use it while in bed, which can also be straightened to increase its height and use it while sitting in a chair. You can easily fold the table, making it convenient to store. This table has amazing dexterity which is largely because of its self-locking joints. Along with an adjustable height, you can also adjust the angle of the tabletop to make it comfortable to use while laying down. It prevents your back from slouching and is an economical investment.



  • Aluminum Panel Aluminum Alloy Stents And ABS Joints
  • Adjustable Height
  • Can Be Folded For Easy Storage
  • Angle Of The Table Top Can Be Adjusted
  • Zig Zag Shaped Legs For Convenient Use
  • Self-Locking Joints

Product       :     Multifunctional Laptop Table YB008

Condition    :    Brand New 

SKU CODE   :    HE 00438


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