Kids Classic Battery Operated Electric Railway Train Car Sound & Light Toy (Brand New)




Realistic Effects:

You can hear the train starting, accelerating, whistling, and jingling on the rails while its front projects a 
red light. The model resembles the real one wonderfully, because of the matte painted surfaces, seats.


Hands-on and Minds-on

This model can help develop children's manual ability and creativity. There are innumerable possibilities of permutation and combination of different compartments and 240cm long railroad, enabling your kid to have great fun.


Parent-child Interaction

You can build the railways with your little darling, and also teach him different types of locomotives, rails, and trains. It is such a perfect birthday present.


Key Feature 


  • The total length of the railroad is 240cm, which creates great fun for children.
  • The modern train gives way to the advanced high speed train.
  • Flexible conjunction between two compartments enabling the train to turn to different directions.

What,s in the box?

  • Brand New Kids Classic Battery Operated Railway car UW1076654
  • 2 x Oil Storage Compartment
  • 2 x Passenger Compartment
  • 2 x Freight Compartment
  • 16 x Straight Rail
  • 16 x Curved Rail
  • 4 x Forky Rail
  • 4 x 1/2 Curved Rail
  • 1 x Crossed Rail
  • 4 x Tree
  • 1 x Railway Station
  • Manual

Product : Kids Classic Battery Operated Railway car UW1076654

Condition : Brand new 

Sku code : He 00334


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