iPhone 7/8 Polka Dot Waterproof Case

iPhone 7/8 Polka Dot Waterproof Case

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iPhone 7/8 Polka Dot Waterproof Case 


• Anti fall upgraded, with flexibility, seismic, anti fall, durable;

• Mute button upgraded, waterproof more stable, more simple operation;

• Colors collocation upgraded, the perfect combination of 10 kinds of colors; 

• Button upgraded, so that the integration of mobile phones and shell; 

• Screw cap upgrade (threads), anti-dust, anti-sand; 

• Feel upgraded, the back cover matte non slip, feel comfortable;

 • Rear cover upgraded, with flexibility, can be 120 degrees turn off won’t be deformed, super high toughness; 

• Weight upgrade D, lighter than before; 

• The thickness of the upgraded, thinner, more than the thickness for iPhone 6 mobile phone 3.5mm; 

• Material upgraded, new environmental protection material, the ultimate thinness;

 • Waterproof upgraded, the design of the whole seal, not into the water, to reach 100% waterproof.

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