Apple iPhone 6 Volume Flex (5529492390049)

iPhone 6 Volume Flex

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Apple iPhone 6 Volume Flex

This is the iPhone 6 Volume Control and Mute Switch Cable. If the volume buttons on your iPhone 6 no longer click, or the mute/silent switch is not working as it should, this iPhone 6 audio control flex cable from is exactly what you need. This iPhone 6 replacement cable connects the volume buttons and mute/silent switch to the motherboard.

Please note this is third party replacement


Installation Charges Will Be Extra
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We Provide Professional installation at best price, Send Your device by courier to us and we will send it back next day morning.(You will need to include prepaid courier bag with your address for return). 

1. Please Strictly, Test The Item Before Installation And Don't Install It If It Is Faulty Or Arrives Broken. 
2. Only Install The Item If U Are Satisfied With It. 
3. Don't Remove Any Factory Stickers Or Labels From The Product If You Are Returning It Or Getting It Replaced.

Product : Apple iPhone 6 Volume Flex

SKU CODE : MBP 00093

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