Element Case Roll Cage Case for iPhone 7/8 EMT-322-176DZ-01

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MBA 01959


The concept is already in place in the world of racing. A specially engineered and constructed frame is built in or around the vehicle’s passenger compartment to protect its occupant from being injured in accident, especially in the event of a rollover. This “roll cage” also provides additional strength and stability to the body frame. Now, Element Case has applied the idea to mobile phone case design. The racing-inspired, wrap-around protective buffer of the Roll Cage attaches to the front of your phone to shield the screen when you’re out and about, and easily detaches and snaps to the back to kick protection up another notch.



  • DROP SHOCK™ CORNERS: Exclusive Impact Absorbing Four-Corner Design Dissipates Energy To Withstand Extreme Bumps And Drops.
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR POLY CARBONATE: Protects While letting The Simple Beauty Of Your Device Shine Through.
  • MIL-SPEC DROP PROTECTION: Meets Military Specification Drop-Test Requirements.
  • TABLE TOP PROTECTION – FRONT & BACK: Perimeter Is Raised Above The Front To keep Phone Screen From Coming In Direct Contact With Surfaces Raised Back Bezel Helps keep Case Scratch Free.
  • 10/65 HIGH IMPACT PROTECTION: Designed To Meet Military Specification Drop-Test Requirements.
  • SURE GRIP: Top Bottom And Sides Feature Ergonomic Design For A More Comfortable And Secure Grasp.

Product Type : Element Roll Cage Drop Shock Case For iPhone 7/8 For High Impact Protection Black

SKU CODE : MBA 01959

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