Defense Shield Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

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Defense Shield Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 


Sophisticated Dual-Layered Design

The Defense Shield case from X-Doria has been crafted from the finest materials to perfectly complement your Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus. Comprising of clear backing and a machined aluminum outer frame, the Defense Shield adds an impressively strong impact barrier to your Samsung's perimeter, whilst enhancing the phone's design.    

Raised Lip Protects Your Display

To help protect your Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus stunning display, X-Doria has integrated a raised lip around the screen - reducing the likelihood of scratches and other damage when you place your phone face down on a flat surface.

Simple Snap Op Construction

The simple snap on design makes installing the Defense Shield easier than ever. While many aluminum framed cases require fiddly screws in order to be installed, the Defense Shield can be applied or removed in seconds thank's to its unique closure system.



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