Beats By Dre BeatsX In-Ear Earbuds Wireless (Refurb)

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Quality of music is redefined with the help of this power-packed Beats Beatsx Bluetooth Headset that is designed to enrich your musical experience. The headset with its power packed features alleviates the bass and treble vocals to give an amazing output. It also has a lightweight design which is easy to maintain and extremely comfortable for you to use. The in-line microphone also helps in enhancing your calling experience. The amazing sound and performance of the headset are backed by a stunning battery that is capable of providing you two hours of playback with five minutes of charge making it an ideal option for you on the go. The sleek design and neat finish help in adding to your style statement.


Brilliant Performance

The Beats Beatsx Bluetooth Headset boasts of a strong audio quality which enriches your audio experience. It also cancels out all the unnecessary background noise so that you can enjoy distortion-free music in any surrounding. The headset with the revolutionary W1 chip brings seamless setup and switching to your Apple devices along with an amazing battery life to satisfy your music hearing needs. . The Bluetooth connectivity ensures you can connect to your device and enjoy your personal playlist while the Siri-compatible Remote Talk microphone allows you to take calls with an on-cable microphone and play music with easy-to-use controls for an amazing hands-free user experience.

Comfortable Design

The ergonomically comfortable design makes it a desirable option for many. It comes with a behind the neck design that allows you to use while you are jogging, working out or on the go. The magnetic earbuds ensure easy storage and make it a tangle-free cable which helps you to avoid the harrowing experience of untangling your earphones. The Flex-Form cable provides all-day comfort while a variety of ear tip options offer personalized comfort and secure fit.

Product       :    Refurb Beats X Wireless In Ear Headphones 

Condition    :   Good

Warranty     :   6 Months

SKU CODE  :  AU 00211

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