iPhone 6S Dot Pro Waterproof Case

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New Apple iPhone 6/6S Waterproof Case / Defender case
-Shock Proof
-Dirt Proof
-Snow Proof
-Scratch Resistant

DOT-PRO: Upgrade ways as the following:

  • Calls upgraded, sound much clearer, better sound quality;
  • Anti fall upgraded, with flexibility, seismic, anti fall, durable;
  •  Mute button upgraded, waterproof more stable, more simple operation;
  • Colors collocation upgraded, the perfect combination of 10 kinds of colors;
  •  Button upgraded, so that the integration of mobile phones and shell;
  • Screw cap upgrade (threads), anti-dust, anti-sand;
  • Feel upgraded, the back cover matte non slip, feel comfortable;
  • Rear cover upgraded, with flexibility, can be 120 degrees turn off won’t be deformed,   super high toughness;

    Product : Apple iPhone 6S Waterproof Dustproof Series Black Case

    Condition : Brand new

    SKU Code : MBA 00771

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