Finance Now provides personal, quick, hassle-free financial services. With over 1,500 retail stores around New Zealand accepting Finance Now, you'll be able to get what you want at a price you can afford.     
Available instore only          

TXT Xpress - fast store pre-approval on your mobile

Finance Now Card Retailers - FinanceViewer

Browsing in store and found something you love?

Finance Now customers can simply freetext the word Approve followed by a space and your Surname to 580 and you could get pre-approved instantly.*

Example: Approve Smith

You'll complete some security checks and once approved you're good to go!

It's fast, secure and FREE so what are you waiting for?

If you're not a Finance Now customer, don't worry you can get pre-approved online - or simply visit a TechCrazy store and ask a salesperson to assist.

*Terms and Conditions apply: As an existing customer of Finance Now, you have been pre-qualified based on your details and repayment history that we have on file. Approval for your personal loan will be subject to Finance Now's normal lending criteria and loan terms, including our responsible lending obligations. This is not a guaranteed offer of finance.

FinanceNow is currently available in-store only**

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