VGA Cable
VGA To VGA Cable 1.8 Metres 15 Pin Male Connector Technical Specification :  Brand new, totally unused High Quality VGA/SVGA 15 pin male connector at both ends Cable Length 1.8 Metres Hand Locking screws on connectors. Product : VGA CableCondition...
OVERVIEWDell - DisplayPort adapter - Mini DisplayPort (M) to DisplayPort (F) - 20.3 cm - for Precision 5820 Tower, 7820 Tower, 7920 Rack, 7920 TowerSPECIFICATIONProduct Description               Dell DisplayPort adapter - 20.3 cmType  ...
Dynamix 0.3M 3pin Clover Shaped Power Cord 3 Pin Plug
Dynamix C-POWERNC03 0.3M 3pin Clover Shaped Power Cord 3 Pin Plug to Clover shaped Female Connector AUS/NZ AA Approved premium quality cable for NOTEBOOK &many others. Specifications :  Connector 1 : C5 Female Connector 2 : Power Plug Male Cable Length : 0.3m...
OVERVIEWConnect high resolution displaysWith the Dell Adaptor- USB-C to DisplayPort you can easily connect your laptop or tablet with a USB Type-C port to various high resolution displays and projectors with a DisplayPort input.Enjoy a crisp, clear display with Ultra...
OVERVIEWThe Dell Adapter - USB-C to VGAThe Dell Adapter - USB-C to VGA lets you view content from your desktop or laptop with USB-C video output and view it on an VGA-compliant display. The Dell USB-C to VGA Adapter provides...
Desktop Power Cable
Specifications :  Supply power to your computer system and various other devices with the Classy Tek 3 Pin Computer Power Cord Cable.  You can connect your PCs, monitors, printers, scanners and other devices that charge with a 3-pin power plug...
Targus 1.8M DC Output Cable For ACP71 77 Series Docking Station ACC974USZ
Targus - Power cable - 1.83 m - black - for P/N: ACP71USZ, ACP77USZ Specification :  Product Description Targus - power cable - 1.83 m Type Power cable Length 1.83 m Colour Black Designed For P/N: ACP71USZ, ACP77USZ SKU Code...

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