Mini Massage Gun + 4 Massaging Heads
This mini massage gun is designed to give you the most professional massage and relaxing care. It offers you a humanized intelligent interactive experience by reacting to the condition of your muscle and giving the exact percussive strength you need....
Muscle Massage Gun + 6 Massaging Heads
OVERVIEW1. Includes 6 different massage heads2. Effectively reduces muscle stiffness and soreness, increasing blood circulation3. 30-speed variations4. 2500 mAh large capacity lithium battery5. Overheat protection6. Suitable for recovery after sports fatigue, injury, or pain relief during the convalescence period of...
Smart Multi-Coloured RGB LED Floor Lamp Compatible With Tuya App Alexa/Google Assistant
About this item 【Voice Control, Work with Alexa & Google Home】- This 55 inch dimmable color-changing LED floor lamp works with Amazon Alexa Echo and Google Home. You may power the light on/off, change colors or adjust brightness/frequency by simple...
Playmax Elite Gaming Chair Blue and Black
Playmax Elite Gaming ChairThe Playmax Elite Gaming Chair is the ultimate gaming chair for hardcore gamers.Designed with marathon gaming sessions in mind, the Playmax Elite Gaming Chair is as comfortable as your favorite sniper rifle and twice as shiny. Adjustable...
Parmco 600mm 500L Styleline Led Canopy Stainless Steel RCAN-6S-500L
OVERVIEWThis sleek control panel is easy to use and offers a selection of fan speeds that easily remove steam and cooking smells. The aluminum filters effectively catch grease and are designed to be easily removable, easily cleanable and dishwasher safe....
Parmco 600mm Verso Hob 4 Electric Stainless Steel VH-1-6S-4E
OVERVIEWVerso electric cooktops are easy to use and clean. Featuring four elements, including a rapid heat element marked by a red spot, this cooktop gives you great control in selecting cooking temperature suitable for all types of cooking. [SHORTDESCRIPTION]SPECIFICATION Power...
Xiaomi Viomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner V3 V-RVCLM26B
Xiaomi Viomi Robot  Vacuum Cleaner V3 V-RVCLM26B Technical Specification :  Freedom from cleaning - Spend more time doing the things you love and let your Viomi Robot Vacuum keep your floors perfect 24/7 2600pa suction - Enjoy a dust and...
Parmco 900mm HOB Glass - 4 GAS + WOK
OVERVIEWWith an elegant black glass design combined with durable cast iron trivets, a gas cooktop is suitable even for the most passionate cooks. With five powerful burners including wok burner, you have the convenience of selecting a slow simmer or...
Parmco 600mm 9F Oven Induction Hob Stainless Steel VERSO1-2
OVERVIEWParmco’s 600mm built-in oven provides a large 76L usable capacity to fit a family size roast or any other large dish. Removable side racks and removable inner door glass make cleaning super easy. The induction cook top has 4 cooking...
OVERVIEWWith aspiring Kiwi Chef’s at home in mind, at Parmco we have the best product for your home even if you are on a budget, have a space challenged kitchen or are looking for the latest trends in kitchen appliances....

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