Sound Magus DK1200 Class D AMP - 1000w RMS
Sound Magus DK1200 1000W RMS Class D Mono Bass Car Amplifier Technical Specification :  1000W x 1RMS(1 OHM, 14.4) 600W x 1RMS(2 OHM, 14.4) 400W x 1RMS(4 OHM, 14.4) 1-ohm load Stable Double Side PCB And SMD Components Adjustable Input...
Domain DVD DM-DV6217BT 6.2” DVD / CD / MP4 / MP3 / USB / SD Playback with Bluetooth
Domain DVD DM-DV6217BT (iPhone Siri & iPod/music APP control, Samsung, Google Now & music APP control) Technical Specifications :  2-DIN 6.2" WVGA Digital TFT LCD DVD / CD / MP4 / MP3 / USB / SD Player Front USB /...
Zeroflex EVO 3K 3000W Monoblock Class D Amplifier
Zero Flex EVO 3K 3000W RMS Monoblock Class D Amplifier Technical Specification : 1x 2000W RMS @ 2 ohm1x 3000W RMS @ 1 ohm1 ohm StableClass DTHD < 0.2%Frequency Response 10Hz to 20KHzSignal to Noise Ratio > 85dBSensitivity 0.2 to...
Zeroflex 5K 5000W Mono Channel Car Amplifier
ZeroFlex Flex5000D 5000W Mono Channel Car Amplifier Technical Specification :  Zeroflex Team AmplifierHigh Power Competition Amplifier, designed and engineered in NZ by Kiwis.Power output 13.8V @ 1% THD1 x 5000RMS @1ohm1 x 3100RMS @2ohm1 x 1800RMS @4ohmStappable Power Output (2...
Zeroflex TKO-10 Subwoofer - 1000 RMS
ZeroFlex TKO-10 10" 1000W RMS Dual 4 ohm Voice Coil Car Subwoofer.Features:1000rms power handling3" 4 layer copper voice coilDual 4ohm high temperature voice coilHigh temperature Japanese glueComposite laminated coneWhite cast aluminum basket8” progressive spiderStitched on tinsel lead10AWG Nickle plated push...
Zeroflex NZ1500D 1500w RMS Class D Amplifier With Bass Remote
Zero flex NZ1500D 1500W RMS Class D Subwoofer With Bass Remote Technical Specification : 1500RMS @ 1 Ohm (<0.1% THD 14.4v) 1000RMS @ 2 Ohm (<0.1% THD 14.4v) 600RMS @ 4 Ohm (<0.1% THD 14.4v) Strappable with 2 Amps 3000RMS...
Rockford fosgate P142 4inch Speakers
Rockford Fosgate P142 4inch SpeakersPunch 4.0" 2-Way Full-Range Speaker P142 The P142 is a 4” 2-way full-range speaker rated at 30 watts RMS and designed for fanatics who need a quality factory replacement driver. Includes two speakers, integrated high-pass crossovers,...
Zeroflex ZF121 12" Sub DVC 2ohm 3" 4 layer VC 2000rms
Zeroflex ZF121 2000 RMS Subwoofer Technical Specification :  12'' ZF Series DVC 1 Ohm Subwoofer 2000RMS Power Handling 3" 4 Layer Copper Voice Coil Epoxy Laminated Pulp Paper Cone High Roll SPL Surround Dual Heavy Duty Weaved Tinsel Leads Dual...

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